Vinyl siding is a wonderful choice for homeowners looking to reduce maintenance while increasing the energy efficiency of their homes. Over the years, vinyl siding has become very popular because of its ability to resist rot, lower energy costs, withstand the most severe weather conditions and increase resale value. It’s often thought that aluminum or metal sidings are stronger. Fact is, today’s engineered vinyl siding is twice as thick and is manufactured with through color technology.

In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to make their homes maintenance free by offering aluminum metal wraps. Our skilled craftsmen can literally cover any painted surface on the home with enamel painted aluminum coil. The coil stock is bent into complex shapes, which cover your window lineals, doorways or garage surrounds. There is no need for painting due to rotting ever again! Once in place, the team seals around the metal to avoid water intrusion, permanently protecting your investment.

We find a lot of our clients have difficulty deciding between aluminum or vinyl siding during the restoration process. Below you will find the benefits from choosing vinyl siding by Construct Ohio.



Vinyl siding is flexible, allowing it to bend to almost any form. Aluminum siding is more rigid, meaning if it is bent too much it will crack and break apart. Because aluminum siding is more rigid, it also can be dented like the side of a car. Once aluminum siding is damaged, it needs to be replaced and this is difficult to do. In order to repair a piece of siding, the pieces around the damaged piece must be disturbed as well, which then starts a domino effect of repairing panels. It’s not uncommon to ultimately replace ⅓ of the siding when performing a repair on one single piece. Repairs on aluminum can be costly and time consuming. Vinyl siding is almost twice the thickness of aluminum siding and can easily be removed and replaced with minimum affect on the surrounding panels.



Vinyl siding does not conduct heat or cold. Aluminum and steel sidings conduct heat and cold, adding additional stress on your home’s insulating barriers. Vinyl sidings actually have an insulating value, which adds to the insulating protection of your home.



Aluminum siding is painted and can fade or chip over time. Steel is painted the same but when steel chips or flakes, rusting occurs and can be unsightly and very costly in repairs. Vinyl siding is a solid through color product. The siding Construct Ohio uses includes a protective coating of 15% of the entire thickness. It’s this type of protection that allows the manufacturers to warranty against fade for the life of the siding.